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  • Peter Ravnborg

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​This project addresses issues associated with the disposal of Danish nuclear waste generated during the operations and decommissioning of the Risø Research Centre. The issue is highly relevant in view of the alarm created by current storage of the waste at Risø. Due to the poor condition of the concrete canisters containing the radioactive waste, a decision as to how best to manage the waste is a priority matter. The most appropriate solution would be represented by use of a depot: a building complex developed to house and encase the radioactive waste for several future generations. The depot would represent a unique structure, the distinctive and mysterious function of which would undoubtedly generate a great deal of debate. The project is a concrete idea of how disposal can be incorporated into an extended societal context. Storage of radioactive substances is a global problem frequently associated with strong feelings. By addressing the issue from an architectural point of view, hopefully a humane dimension can be conveyed to a highly inhumane subject, and potentially result in the erection of a monument that gives something back to its surroundings rather than acting as an unpleasant burden.