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Hierarchical modelling for recycling-oriented classification of shredded spent flat monitor products based on HyperSpectral Imaging

Giuseppe Bonifazi, Riccardo Gasbarrone, Roberta Palmieri and Silvia Serranti

Pages 122-130 - PDF

Microplastics identification in landfill leachates by different spectroscopic techniques

Camilla Simongini, Milda Pucetaite, Silvia Serranti, Martijn van Praagh, Edith Hammer and Giuseppe Bonifazi

Pages 58-69 - PDF

Recycling-oriented characterization of PET waste stream by SWIR hyperspectral imaging and variable selection methods

Giuseppe Bonifazi, Giuseppe Capobianco, Paola Cucuzza, Silvia Serranti and Andrea Uzzo

Pages 42-49 - PDF